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Counseling Procedures

  • You will be asked to complete a Personal Data Inventory (Click to download. Note: This is a 5-page document. If you print from a mobile device, be sure it prints all 5 pages). We must receive your completed form (either by mail or email) prior to the first session.  By special arrangement, you may bring the completed form to your first session.
    • The initial interview is 90 minutes in length. Each subsequent session is about one hour.
    • Mrs. Jane Ryerson assists and is present in all counseling situations involving individual females.
  • The standard fee is $100 for the initial session and $75 per session after that.  For members and regular attendees of our Partnership Churches, the fee is $75 for the initial session and $55 for each session after that (when counseling takes place in the facility of the Partnership Church). Payment is due at the time of the session, unless prior arrangements are made.  Our partnership churches are:

—  Centerville Grace Church, Centerville OH (937.865.2029)

            —  First Light Church, Vandalia OH (937.898.3801)  

—  MorningStar Baptist Church, Centerville OH (937.885.1206)

At each session the counselor will assign homework to be completed prior to the next session.

    • We will encourage you to attend faithfully the services of a Bible-teaching church where you can find ongoing assistance with your needs. If you have no church preference, the counselor will assist you in finding a Bible-teaching church near your home.
    • If necessary, the counselor will present God’s plan of salvation as the first step toward resolution of your personal problem.
  • Whenever feasible, the counselor will ask you for permission to consult with your church leadership to ensure ongoing progress in your situation.